dreamstime_10402102Broadway Water and Sewerage District is a special purpose district created by the South Carolina Legislative in 1973 for the purpose of supplying potable water and sanitary sewerage services to a designated area in the southeastern portion of Anderson County, South Carolina.

Broadway Water is managed by Kevin Simpson working with a highly trained staff of six who collectively have over 70 yrs experience in water distribution. The governing body consists of 7 elected directors who have consistently led the system on its upward course since its conception in 1973.

Broadway Waters goal is to ensure ongoing, timely, cost effective and sustainable performance in every facet of our operation, to make efficient use of all available resources, maintain awareness of ever changing developments in operational trends and make improvements and amend policy in a timely manner, all to benefit our customers.

The present geographical boundary of the district encompasses 91 square miles. The district has no taxing power, therefore, all construction, administration, operation, maintenance, equipment, etc. expenses must be met from the profit on the resale of water and from various government contributions. The district has no finished water production facilities. Treated water is purchased for resale to member-customers from Anderson Regional Water System through two (2) metering stations located near the eastern limits of the City of Anderson.

Funds for installation of existing facilities were initially provided from the proceeds of FMHA loans, and subsequently, from member users and developers, in kind or cash, from operating profits and from various grants. Other than the extreme southern and southwestern portions of the service areas, all areas within the present boundaries are being supplied. At present, the district has 3,300 plus residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural, and small industrial member users. This equates to a population being served of approximately 8,500. Approximately 60% of the users are on mains with flows adequate to support fire hydrants.

The district has in service some 220 miles of distribution mains ranging in size from 2” through 12”, the majority of which are PVC. A few of the larger mains are ductile iron, as are some smaller ones in critical and congested areas.

District storage consists of a 0.3 mg elevated tank on US Highway 76/178 and a 0.3 mg elevated tank on Grove Rd.

There are basically two operating planes in the distribution system. A small area in the western portion of the system around Broadway Lake and along US Highway 76/178 operates directly off the Anderson Regional Joint Water System plane serving the City of Anderson at a plane of 914 feet. The balance of the system operates at a plane of 950 feet, established by this overflow of the tank on US Highway 76/178. A dual unit pumping station located on the highway between the existing tanks and the supply increases the plane from 914 feet to 950 feet.

The district purchases as previously noted, finished water from Anderson Regional Joint Water System and Belton Honea Path Water Authority for resale.

Broadway Water & Sewerage received the prestigious Rural Water System of the year award given at the South Carolina Rural Water Conference on September 12, 2012. Broadway Water was selected for good corporate citizenship, diligent service, and good stewardship of customers funds, contributions made to our community and as always good quality water.