IMPACT FEES- $800.00

Water Impact Fees are a one-time charge imposed on new customers and developers to recover the cost of capital facilities developed to serve growth (Growth pays for growth).  Impact fees are also known as capital recovery fees, availability fees, capacity fees, and infrastructure fees.  Impact fees are used to help balance equity between existing and new customers and tax-payers.

A copy of Impact  Fee Study is available upon request.

Important Water Safety Tips For Reopening Businesses

Who we are?

Broadway Water and Sewerage District is a special purpose district created by the South Carolina Legislative in 1973 for the purpose of supplying potable water and sanitary sewerage services to a designated area in the southeastern portion of Anderson County, South Carolina.

Broadway Water is managed by Kevin Simpson working with a highly trained staff of four who collectively have over 70 yrs experience in water distribution. The governing body consists of 7 elected directors who have consistently led the system on its upward course since its conception in 1973. 

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